These are 5 sources of income of Cristiano Ronaldo


The Ballon d’Or trophy may not be won by Cristiano Ronaldo this year. The award was obtained by a heavy rival on green grass, Lionel Messi.

But the failure is unlikely to be lamented by the Juventus star. Now he can smile again because in the Forbes 2019 version of the world’s richest athlete, his name is in second place after Floyd Mayeweather Jr.

The total wealth of Ronaldo is estimated at USD 800 million. Ronaldo’s wealth is more than USD 50 million than its rival Lionel Messi. The Barcelona star is in the third position of the world’s richest athlete with a fortune of USD 750 million. If only juxtaposing Ronaldo and Messi, then Ronaldo is the Richest Footballer in the universe today.

Certainly not just Ronaldo incarnated as the Richest Footballer. There were sweat drops, even blood in his struggle from zero to the present.

Some facts about Ronaldo’s wealth below are interesting to note:

1. Social media influencers

On Instagram, with a total of 194 million Ronaldo followers getting a lot of sponsored content. Not to mention from Facebook with 122 million followers and Twitter with 817 million followers

2. Revenue as an ad star

Total income as endorsements reached USD 44 million or more than IDR 614 billion. Its products range from sports apparel, telecommunications, oil, aviation, pharmaceuticals, games and websites

3. Cooperation with Nike

Ronaldo ties up with the famous Nike brand. The value of the agreement continues to increase from time to time. Even in 2016, Nike established lifelong cooperation with this Portuguese star with a value of up to USD 1 billion.

Ronaldo is the third athlete to receive a lifetime contract from Nike. Previously there were names for basketball players LeBron James and Michael Jordan.

4. Business

cristiano role model

Using its CR7 brand, Ronaldo also started earning revenue from businesses. Ronaldo’s business starts from clothing, perfume, property and hotels to underwear.

5. Salary as a player

Ronaldo also earns his income from his salary as a footballer. Despite reducing the value of the contract when brought to Juventus, he is still the highest paid player in the world. Ronaldo’s total salary reaches USD 109 million.

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