Ronaldo’s Fitness Secret Revealed, Eating & Sleeping Patterns Are Unbelievable!

Cristiano Ronaldo has the secret behind keeping physically fit, which turns out to be  eating and sleeping patterns beyond reason.Cristiano Ronaldo is a football superstar who has been at the top of Europe’s top competition for more than 15 years competing alongside Lionel Messi.

Slightly different from Lionel Messi who is known for his talent, Cristiano Ronaldo is more famous for his incredible physical fitness.At the age of 35, the father of four is known to still have a fit and muscular physique behind the uniform he wears.

Recently, the official ESPN Twitter account revealed that the former Real Mardrid bomber has a unique life pattern that he lives every day.

Uniquely, Ronaldo’s healthy lifestyle can be said to be beyond reason because it is unusual. How come? The Juventus superstar is known to have a routine of eating up to six times and sleeping up to five times in one day.

Regarding diet, Cristiano Ronaldo has a large portion of food and with such a good physique, of course, he must balance it with rigorous exercise as well. Although the food portions are large, the food menu of the former Manchester United star is fairly healthy and low in calories.

Ronaldo is used to having breakfast with a daily menu of ham and cheese along with added yogurt, before lunch he usually will snack on avocado toast.

CR7 usually eats lunch twice, in the first he usually eats chicken and salad while for the second he usually eats tuna with salad, eggs, and olive oil.

The Portugal national team captain’s dinner menu also consists of two servings. From the two servings, he will enjoy the same menu, namely a choice of meat or fish (which is his favorite) such as swordfish, tuna, boiled cod. In addition, Ronaldo’s sleep pattern is far more out of the ordinary than other ordinary people with a habit of five times a day.

Actually, it’s similar to what most people do because Cristiano Ronaldo only divides his sleeping hours. If people usually sleep 8 hours a day at night, CR7 divides it into five times with 90 minutes in each session to total about 7 and a half hours.

This was actually done by Ronaldo because of his consultation with a sleep expert, Nick Littlehales, who is said to be able to restore a better body fit condition.

“It’s a way to increase your body’s recovery from getting the right amount of sleep so you can replenish your body’s energy,” says Littlehales.

However, Ronaldo is believed to have used this method only as an extra night’s sleep, which means he sleeps longer than the average person.

It seems that Cristiano Ronaldo is very serious about his diet and recovery routine in order to stay in top shape for as long as possible.

Although Ronaldo of course, occasionally enjoys a glass of wine or eats cake and chocolate as a tribute to himself for his healthy lifestyle.

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