Ronaldo and Players Who Win Leagues in Several Countries

Juventus finally emerged as Serie A champions in the 2018/19 season. Certainty was obtained after they beat Fiorentina 2-1 at Allianz Stadium on Saturday (04/20/2019).

This is the eighth championship title in Serie A in a row. Since the 2011/12 season, the Old Lady has always been an unbeaten champion. The success of Juventus being the league champion was also inseparable from the contribution of Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese star has scored 19 goals in Serie A this season. Besides, Ronaldo also set a new record after sending Juventus to the championship. Based on YUKBOLA data, He became the first player who successfully won three of the world’s elite leagues.

In addition to Ronaldo, it turns out that other players have successfully won the league in some different countries. They do have excellent skills to conquer as many leagues in Europe.

Here are five players who have won the league in some countries that are the opposite as quoted by

Ruud van Nistelrooy (Dutch, English, and Spanish)

The Dutch striker has the most productive career in European football at club level. He has played in the Netherlands, England, Spain, and Germany. During his career, Van Nistelrooy won the Eredivisie with PSV Eindhoven, La Liga with Real Madrid and the Premier League with Manchester United.

During the beginning of his career in the Netherlands, the striker won the Eredivisie title from 1999-00 and 2000-2001. He also won the 2002-2003 Premier League title with Manchester United. Van Nistelrooy then won two consecutive La Liga titles for Real Madrid between 2006 and 2008.

Michael Laudrup (Italy, Spain and the Netherlands)

The Danish Playmaker has the most successful career in all of Europe. He began his success while playing in Italy with Juventus and won Serie A in the 1985-86 season.

Right in 1989, Johan Cruyff led Laudrup, and he managed to score a historic success of the world with the Catalan club. There he won approximately four La Liga titles in a row. Laudrup worked on a controversial transfer from Barcelona to Real Madrid and won La Liga in his year with Los Blancos.

During his final years as a professional soccer player, Laudrup won the Eredivisie title. He when playing Ajax for use before retiring.

Arjen Robben (Dutch, English, Spanish, and German)

After working on his Eredivisie debut with Groningen, Arjen Robben’s career went smoothly. The Dutch legend always played in four clubs that were the opposite in all of his career. However, Robben succeeded in each country he visited.

After winning PSV Eindhoven with the Eredivisie, then Robben moved to Chelsea. In succession, he won two Premier League titles. From 2007 to 2008, before moving to Bayern Munich, Arjen Robben won La Liga along with Los Blancos.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Netherlands, Italy, Spain, and France)

The Swedish striker is a player who is quite successful in European football. He has won a total of 13 trophies. Ibrahimovic began his success in the Netherlands. He won two Eredivisie titles with Ajax there. He moved to Juventus and won his two Serie A titles. However, the title was withdrawn after the Bianconeri fell into the scoring scandal in 2006.

Ibrahimovic then decided to continue his career at Inter Milan. He won three consecutive trophies there. After from Inter, Ibrahimovic sought his luck in Spanish football. He won the 2009-2010 La Liga with Barcelona.

After not succeeding enough at the Catalan club, Ibrahimovic moved to AC Milan. He won one Serie A title again. Ibrahimovic then moved to PSG and won four Ligue 1 titles before completing his impressive series.

Cristiano Ronaldo (England, Spain, and Italy)

Cristiano Ronaldo became the first player to win three of Europe’s top leagues. Namely the Premier League, La Liga, and Serie A.

The Portuguese striker began his amazing adventure at Manchester United. He won three Premier League titles at Old Trafford. Ronaldo moved to Real Madrid in 2009. However, he only won two La Liga titles with Los Blancos for around nine years at the Santiago Bernabeu.

And Ronaldo has just won the Serie A title with Juventus after beating Fiorentina 2-1. Ronaldo can win the Serie A title if he concludes staying at Juventus.

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