Here are 4 Cristiano Ronaldo Houses at Fantastic Prices!

Who does not know the Portuguese footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo? As the best player in the world with five Ballon d`Or awards, this one footballer is very famous and has the wealth of a world football star.

Not only because of the goals he scored, but also because of his social nature which often helps people in need. As a great footballer, Cristiano as he is familiarly called, certainly has a big salary. In fact, the chunky man now receives an annual salary of € 30 million in Juventus.

With a salary of that size, Ronaldo is free to buy whatever he wants, even luxury cars parked in his garage. Talking about houses, Ronaldo has several luxury homes in several countries, knowing this one man had defended several well-known clubs in Europe, such as Sporting Lisbon, Manchester United, Real Madrid, and now at Juventus.

These houses are offered at such great prices, you might even be called insane! Want to know what Cristiano Ronaldo’s house looks like? Check out the following reviews down below.

House in Portugal

Born in Portugal, Ronaldo certainly has a home in his hometown. This handsome-looking footballer has a luxurious residence with a price of around IDR 65 billion in the Greges area, Portugal.

Not only that, Ronaldo also has another house in Portugal that is no less magnificent, which is located in the Quinta da Beloura Sintra area, Portugal. This one is ronaldo favorite houses.

UK house

Famous for its magnificent empire, of course houses in England have a ‘wow’ price. Ronaldo has a luxury residence located in the land of the Kingdom of Queen Elizabeth, understandably because he had grazed with Manchester United for six years.

Cristiano’s house is located in an elite location with a price of around £3.85 million when he first bought it. The house is equipped with several facilities, such as a swimming pool, a gym, with a multimedia room. Not only that, the house is also very spacious with five bedrooms equipped with expensive ceramic ornaments and first-class furniture.

Houses in Spain

Playing at the best club in the world, Real Madrid, of course Cristiano must have a luxurious place to live. Not without reason, Cristiano’s house in Spain cost 48 million pounds Located in Somosaguas, the home of the best footballer in the world have a wide range of first-class facilities.

Home in Italy

Although just grazing in the Land of Pizza, in fact Ronaldo already has a luxurious place to live. Ronaldo lives in a villa in the Turin City area with prices reaching 672 million in a day.

Although it is quite expensive, but the price is very worth it because it is on a hill that offers beautiful views. In addition, the villa is two buildings combined into one.

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