Cristiano Ronaldo Still Keeps Commitment at Juventus

Massimiliano Allegri said that if Cristiano Ronaldo still had to accept once again, Juventus could not win the Champions League in the 2018-19 season. Allegri believes if Ronaldo can deliver Juventus to achieve achievements in the future.

“Cristiano Ronaldo is the future of Juventus. He has translated the most compelling performance in his first season in Italy. I am sure he will get better in the coming season, “Allegri said.

“He was most disappointed with our failure in the Champions League. However, welcoming him to Juventus does not mean we can win the title.”

“Barcelona just returned to the semifinals before four seasons. That is, Lionel Messi could not guarantee them to achieve in the Champions League.”

“Football is not just about the actions of personal players. But as a collective game.”

“We must eliminate us in the Champions League,” Allegri said.
Juventus were eliminated from the Champions League after losing to Ajax. However, Ronaldo became a finalist.

In its inaugural season in Italy, Cristiano Ronaldo must try to present the Scudetto for Juventus. At present, the Bianconeri need only one point to get the eighth Scudetto title in a row.

Cristiano Ronaldo Responds to Rumors Leave Juventus

News Cristiano Ronaldo left Juventus quickly in the Old Lady in the phase of the 2018-2019 Champions League quarter-finals. That’s the first time where Ronaldo has played in the Champions League semifinals since the 2010 edition.

Disappointment that surpassed the rumor the superstar would move. He only joined Juventus this season from Real Madrid.

Juventus passed the coach, Massimiliano Allegri, had given the rebuttal. Allegri said Ronaldo oversaw his commitment to stay at Juventus and returned to strive for achievement, especially in the Champions League, next season.
Now, Cristiano Ronaldo himself is responding to this rumor.

Based on information from the Tuttosport report, Ronaldo raised rumors and mentioned all mere rumors, aka false news.

Italian local media wrote Ronaldo saying that “for me, there is only Juventus.”

This statement made Ronaldo succeed in surviving. Moreover, he has a four-year contract with a nominal 110 million euros since the summer of last year.

Even if, Juventus and Cristiano Ronaldo could separate, they could take a few clubs that could accommodate former Manchester United players who had added 34 years, explicitly scoring more than 110 million euros. This was understandable because Juventus certainly did not want to lose.

Juventus will try again in the Champions League next season, but at least for the Old Lady, their star may be heading to the door published next summer.

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