After 12 years of wandering, Cristiano Ronaldo has officially returned to Manchester United

ronaldo back to mu

Now this certainty is occurring. Cristiano Ronaldo, one of Manchester United’s legendary  Sir Alex Ferguson era players, has finally returned home after 12 years of wandering. Ronaldo is now officially wearing a red devil uniform. Ronaldo’s return was confirmed directly from Manchester United’s official Twitter account. Suddenly you just animate the virtual world.

Ronaldo’s move from Juventus Turin to Manchester United didn’t take long. Recently, Ronaldo has  widely heard that he is participating in the city. But that changed in just a few hours. Manchester City suddenly decided to resign because the two clubs did not agree on a transfer fee.

The decision not to pursue Ronaldo was immediately welcomed by Manchester United.  Red Devils soon made an official offer to Juventus to revive Old Trafford’s superstar.

According to Fabrizio Romano, a reporter and guardian journalist for Sky Sports Italy, Manchester has never made an official offer. They only make verbal offers.

For this reason, Manchester United were the only club dedicated to robbing Juventus of Ronaldo. Ronaldo and Manchester United’s manager, Solskjar, both want the same thing.

According to Fabrizio, CR7 told agent Jorge Mendes if he wanted to return to Manchester United as soon as possible. The plan predicts that Manchester United will sign Ronaldo for two years until 2023.

The Manchester Evening News website reported that Ronaldo’s transfer to Manchester United was the intervention of former coach Sir Alex Ferguson.

According to the news portal,  Manchester United offered to sign Cristiano Ronaldo this morning after discussing with Sir Alex Ferguson that he wanted to return to MU.

What’s more, Manchester Evening News also revealed whether the owner of the Glazer family, United, is ready to kidnap Ronaldo’s long move to Manchester City.

In addition, the club has terminated its interest in the deal with Ronaldo. Ferguson reportedly contacted Ronaldo on Friday morning  Ronaldo appeared confident in moving to the city.

Apparently, Ferguson’s efforts were not in vain. Ronaldo, Manchester United and Juventus have agreed to take over the transfer market this season.

cr back to mu

According to Manchester United’s official website, Red Devils is pleased to confirm that it has reached an agreement with Juventus on the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo. Currently, Solskjaer’s team is immediately considered contracts for CR7 individuals, visas, and medical conditions. This agreement was certainly welcomed by fans and club legends.

According to the club’s record, Ronaldo  scored 118 goals and 54 assists in 292 games when he first came to Manchester United Sir Alex Ferguson in 2003.

In addition, Ronaldo  has other toxic records. That means the two Premier League players of the year, the Ballon d’Or, the Puskás award, and a few other awards.

Cristiano Ronaldo is reportedly acquired by Manchester United for around € 23 million. In addition,  the Portuguese are said to have agreed to a two-year contract offered by Manchester United. The price is quite fantastic for a Ronaldo, isn’t it? Of course, not everyone can have that kind of money. But you can easily get it if you play online gambling, you can even earn a lot of money in a short time.

Official Goal According to the Twitter account, Manchester United will initially pay Cristiano Ronaldo € 15 million and an additional €8 million.

With this news, the Premier League has reheated and  attracted the attention of many stakeholders. Even the tweet that announced the official Manchester United account received 1.2 million likes in just one hour.

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