8 Cristiano Ronaldo Quirky Hairstyles

ronaldo hairstyle

Juventus striker Cristiano Ronaldo recently appeared in a braid hairstyle. This is not the first time Ronaldo has appeared with a different hairstyle.

Ronaldo appeared in a braid hairstyle back to training with The Old Lady after undergoing an independent quarantine. Later it was discovered that the hairstyle was formed by his girlfriend Georginia Rodrigue,

As a professional footballer and public figure, hair style is no less important to support the appearance of Portuguese men.

Before braiding, CR7 has several times changed the hairstyle model. What does it look like? The following review quoted The Sun:

1. Curly

Ronaldo’s real hair was curly when he was a child. This is known from several photographs of his past that are spread on social media.

ronlado 3

The former Real Madrid and Manchester United (MU) player is not yet familiar with stylish pomades and pieces. Occasionally he only cuts the curly hair into short.

2. Blonde

Ronaldo’s curly hair was dyed blonde when he first set foot at Old Trafford in 2003. The hairstyle was exhibited during the inaugural photo session with the Red Devils. However, at that time Ronaldo only painted the edges and front of his hair.

3. Crested

Ronaldo started a little stylish at Euro 2004 in Portugal. He cut the side of his hair. Then the front is made with a blonde tuft. Many consider this the first trendy haircut Ronaldo.

4. Mullet

Ronaldo has performed in a mullet hairstyle in the 2006/2007 season. This is the most haunted haircut ever present on the CR7’s head. But he did not wear this hair style for long.

5. Toilet Brush

Ronaldo moved to Madrid in 2009 and broke the record for the most expensive player transfer at the time. The athlete, now 35 years old, realized he was playing in a great club in the world.

For this reason, CR7 wants to be different. He changed his appearance with a crew cut hairstyle. Then the middle section is cut short so that it is like a toilet brush.

6. World Cup Hair

At the 2014 and 2018 World Cups, Ronaldo had a hair style that was almost similar. He shaved the side hair neatly. He also gives a little touch of the line at the top right.

The difference is, in the 2018 World Cup, his middle hair was shaved short. Whereas in 2014 it was left thick and dangling.

7. Back curly

In 2018, Ronaldo returned to his initial curly hair and partly dyed blonde like when he arrived at MU.

ronaldo hair 2

But this time the side haircut is neater and makes it look elegant. This hair that accompanied him won the 13th Champions League trophy for Madrid.

8. Shrinking

At the beginning joined Juventus in 2018. Ronaldo has changed his hairstyle four times. The first time to set foot in Turin, CR7 appeared greasy.

Then he experimented with using headbands, then ponytail and now ponytail plus braids.

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