Cristiano Ronaldo Collaborates with e-Commerce, Showing Jersey Number 7 and Shaking Shopee

Football star Cristiano Ronaldo is charged to strengthen Shopee e-commerce. Does not make playing around the skin on the field, but a brand ambassador.

Ronaldo, who is now under the auspices of giants Juventus in Italy, will work with Shopee in presenting many initiatives, opened with a campaign to make an annual purchase of goods from Shopee, 9.9 Super Shopping Day.

“We are pleased to share our collaboration with Cristiano Ronaldo, among the best athletes of all time,” Chris Feng, Shopee’s Chief Executive Officer, said in his press release.

“Cristiano Ronaldo is a figure that inspires not a few people and his dedication to the world of football is in line with our commitment to Shopee users, and we aspire to continue to create positive effects on all countries where we operate,” he said.

Ronaldo himself expressed his pride being Shopee’s brand ambassador. Showing off his “new” jersey number 7, the Portuguese footballer feels he has a similar ambition to Shopee to be the best in their respective fields. Ronaldo can be the greatest footballer in this era who competes very tight with Lionel Messi, but Ronaldo has won European Cup, now only World Cup trophy is remaining. In the gambling business, especially in daftar agen bola terpercaya di Indonesia, each time when Ronaldo’s team playing, it will affect the odds greatly.

“I always add my game to the team and to all fans, like Shoppe, who is constantly innovating to provide better benefits to users. I am very happy with this collaboration, and I aspire to make more special moments with all fans with Shopee,” said Ronaldo.

This form of cooperation while creating Cristiano Ronaldo will play TVC Shopee, which premiered on August 16 simultaneously in the seven countries where the e-commerce operates. There will also be special Ronaldo content on Shopee Live.

At Shopee Liver, it turns out that the figure of Cristiano Ronaldo is working on the Shake Shopee action and not least attracts attention and is widely discussed. Here’s the story behind the scenes until finally, the CR swayed.

Shopee recently notified the world’s top footballer as her new brand ambassador. One manifestation of the collaboration is the appearance of Ronaldo in the e-commerce ad.

Which then became so lively to be discussed was the figure of Ronaldo, who was shamelessly shaking hilariously following the Shopee theme song, which was adapted from the Baby Shark music. Some judge it, and some are amazed because it successfully shows Ronaldo that is “different.”

Well, at the Shopee 9.9 press conference, Shopee Country Brand Manager Rezki Yanuar also told stories behind the scenes when working on approaches to Ronaldo, including when offering the Shake Shopee concept.

According to him, obstacles were faced at the beginning because it was not easy to contact Ronaldo. But when it comes to communicating, the Portuguese footballer has no objection to the concept of the ad.

“Precisely the days we created this ad, you chat directly with his team, and he is okay to do it. Same with Ronaldo and he’s okay to do it. Interestingly, of course, some like it or not, it’s subjective,” he explained.

After all, the ad itself, he added, was a positive dominant for Shopee’s prestige. “It’s just that, of course, this Ronaldo advertisement seems to have created Shopee to be the most worldwide now, hopefully in the future, there will be more and better expectations.”

Before this, Shopee had brought another ambassador brand, the South Korean girl band Blackpink, to Indonesia. Well, how about Ronaldo? Not closed could be Ronaldo will be imported, even though it is not easy. “Because the soccer player plays the season, so it’s rather difficult,” said Rezki.

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