Learn from Ronaldo: Is CR7 Great or Smart?

This morning Manchester United v Arsenal’s party ended with MU having the advantage of 32 points. The victory goal was scored by many football fan idols, Cristiano Ronaldo.

That goal was his 801st goal and one of the goals that drove him to break the record in the football world. Ronaldo made a name for himself as the first professional soccer player to score 800 goals in his career.

So why did Cristiano Ronaldo perform so impressively? Is it limited to skill, or can Ronaldo be called an intelligent person?

There are many aspects that make this one player able to achieve this classy achievement so far. If you look at the facts, this year Ronaldo is already 36 years old and will increase in a little while in February. From this, we can understand that his fitness is very good.


On the other hand, athletes over the age of 30 quickly retired, but not for him. Especially in the world of football, there is more than one person still active in the 3540, but it is undeniable that maintaining success is difficult. Good physical condition is an important factor for athletes to continue their activities at a young age.

Excellent condition and owned fitness are not available on their own. Consistency is needed to stay at its best. For athletes, exercise is of course the nutrition of everyday life.

Inevitably, athletes also need the training to continue their careers. In addition to technical and tactical training, physical activity is less important, especially for maintaining physical fitness.

Some colleagues and ex-colleagues shared a strange way CR7 trains. There is only one conclusion. Ronaldo has a victorious motive that is difficult to defeat.

His motivation can inspire him to be able to master himself to live in a disciplined and devoted way.

Not only in training but also in his field away from the field and training grounds. Ronaldo leads a healthy life by taking care of food and drink.

Ronaldo is picky when it comes to food and also refuses to drink fizzy drinks and alcohol. Ronaldo also has the discipline to practice time, which keeps his body strong at a young age.

Apart from having kinesthetic intelligence that makes him able to reliably cultivate the round skin on the field, which also cannot be separated from training and flying hours, it turns out that Ronaldo also has emotional or mental intelligence.

CR7 can control his emotions to generate motivation to make him a victorious spirit. With this skill, he does not prevent him from being defeated or failing.

But this is what is extraordinary. Without strong motivation, a person is difficult to rise from failure. Strong motivation and belief or confidence can make someone rise from failure and start turning things around.

With emotional intelligence possessed, a person is able to know himself and place himself in the social sphere. These skills are the key to success for many people. Like kinesthetic/physical skills, emotional intelligence is also basically trainable, considering that this aspect is very important for success.

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