4 Cristiano Ronaldo’s Hotel Pestana CR7, Newest Will Take Place in New York

Cristiano Ronaldo is increasingly developing his business by collaborating with a company engaged in tourism called the Pestana Hotel Group. This Portuguese footballer has built four hotels named Pestana CR7 in New York, Madrid, Madeira and Lisbon.

Not only that, Ronaldo will also consider opening a hotel in the city of Manchester, England. Curious about what kind of hotel? Let’s take a peek at Cristiano Ronaldo’s hotel!.

Pestana CR7 Funchal


Pestana CR7 Funchal is the first hotel to be built in Madeira, Portugal, the birthplace of Cristiano Ronaldo. This hotel has five types of rooms, which are priced from IDR 3 million to IDR 9.5 million per night. This hotel is decorated with various photos, posters, caricatures, to accessories with the characteristics of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Customers who have Pestana Guest Club members will get a discount of 10 percent. Various facilities and services are also offered, ranging from swimming pools, minimalist style rooftops, bars, various game consoles, fitness centers, to sports equipment rentals. Due to the location close to the beach, guests can do water sports activities and rent a yacht.

CR7 Lisbon party

Pestana CR7 Lisboa is located in the city of Lisbon, Portugal. This hotel is the second hotel built in Portugal’s largest city. Lisbon is a city that is part of Ronaldo’s history of his football careers.

Visitors will find everything related to Cristiano Ronaldo, from the lobby to the bedrooms. This hotel provides 82 rooms with five different types, which are equipped with Wi-Fi, Apple TV, Bluetooth audio, LED lights in the bathroom and others. There is also a Playstation 4, and special Virtual Reality glasses in the CR7 Suite room.

Reporting from Marca, the Pestana CR7 hotel in Lisbon and Madeira is rumored to be a hospital, to treat patients who have contracted the Covid-19 virus. However, this was denied by hotel staff in Portugal. The hotel staff confirmed that Ronaldo’s hotel was still running as a hotel, not as a hospital.

Pestana CR7 Gran Via Madrid

Pestana CR7 Gran Via Madrid is Cristiano Ronaldo’s third hotel, which is located in the City of Madrid, Portugal. This hotel is designed for those who want to enjoy the city atmosphere. This hotel is suitable for those who want to escape the crowds and can relax during their stay at the hotel.

For hotel guests who have Pestana Guest Club members, they will get a 10 percent discount. Just like any other hotel, the Pestana CR7 Gran Via Madrid hotel is designed with Cristiano Ronaldo in mind.

CR7 Times Square party

Pestana CR7 Times Square is located in downtown New York and offers a 24-hour front desk. Visitors who have Pestana Guest Club members can get a 10 percent discount.

The hotel’s location is also close to places of interest, such as Madison Square Garden, Times Square, and Macy’s. The nearest airport to the hotel is Teterboro Airport, 13 km from Pestana CR7 Times Square.

Planning to open a hotel in Manchester

Hotel Pestana CR7 has been present in several major cities of the world, but he plans to open a new branch in the city of Manchester. According to the Manchester Evening News, Cristiano Ronaldo will open a hotel near Piccadilly Gardens in 2023.

The plan, the hotel will consist of 11 floors by providing 151 rooms and various luxury facilities.

Those are the four hotels owned by Cristiano Ronaldo. Apart from earning income as a footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo is also in the business world.

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