Learn from Ronaldo: Is CR7 Great or Smart?

This morning Manchester United v Arsenal’s party ended with MU having the advantage of 32 points. The victory goal was scored by many football fan idols, Cristiano Ronaldo.

That goal was his 801st goal and one of the goals that drove him to break the record in the football world. Ronaldo made a name for himself as the first professional soccer player to score 800 goals in his career.

So why did Cristiano Ronaldo perform so impressively? Is it limited to skill, or can Ronaldo be called an intelligent person?

There are many aspects that make this one player able to achieve this classy achievement so far. If you look at the facts, this year Ronaldo is already 36 years old and will increase in a little while in February. From this, we can understand that his fitness is very good.


On the other hand, athletes over the age of 30 quickly retired, but not for him. Especially in the world of football, there is more than one person still active in the 3540, but it is undeniable that maintaining success is difficult. Good physical condition is an important factor for athletes to continue their activities at a young age.

Excellent condition and owned fitness are not available on their own. Consistency is needed to stay at its best. For athletes, exercise is of course the nutrition of everyday life.

Inevitably, athletes also need the training to continue their careers. In addition to technical and tactical training, physical activity is less important, especially for maintaining physical fitness.

Some colleagues and ex-colleagues shared a strange way CR7 trains. There is only one conclusion. Ronaldo has a victorious motive that is difficult to defeat.

His motivation can inspire him to be able to master himself to live in a disciplined and devoted way.

Not only in training but also in his field away from the field and training grounds. Ronaldo leads a healthy life by taking care of food and drink.

Ronaldo is picky when it comes to food and also refuses to drink fizzy drinks and alcohol. Ronaldo also has the discipline to practice time, which keeps his body strong at a young age.

Apart from having kinesthetic intelligence that makes him able to reliably cultivate the round skin on the field, which also cannot be separated from training and flying hours, it turns out that Ronaldo also has emotional or mental intelligence.

CR7 can control his emotions to generate motivation to make him a victorious spirit. With this skill, he does not prevent him from being defeated or failing.

But this is what is extraordinary. Without strong motivation, a person is difficult to rise from failure. Strong motivation and belief or confidence can make someone rise from failure and start turning things around.

With emotional intelligence possessed, a person is able to know himself and place himself in the social sphere. These skills are the key to success for many people. Like kinesthetic/physical skills, emotional intelligence is also basically trainable, considering that this aspect is very important for success.

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After 12 years of wandering, Cristiano Ronaldo has officially returned to Manchester United

ronaldo back to mu

Now this certainty is occurring. Cristiano Ronaldo, one of Manchester United’s legendary  Sir Alex Ferguson era players, has finally returned home after 12 years of wandering. Ronaldo is now officially wearing a red devil uniform. Ronaldo’s return was confirmed directly from Manchester United’s official Twitter account. Suddenly you just animate the virtual world.

Ronaldo’s move from Juventus Turin to Manchester United didn’t take long. Recently, Ronaldo has  widely heard that he is participating in the city. But that changed in just a few hours. Manchester City suddenly decided to resign because the two clubs did not agree on a transfer fee.

The decision not to pursue Ronaldo was immediately welcomed by Manchester United.  Red Devils soon made an official offer to Juventus to revive Old Trafford’s superstar.

According to Fabrizio Romano, a reporter and guardian journalist for Sky Sports Italy, Manchester has never made an official offer. They only make verbal offers.

For this reason, Manchester United were the only club dedicated to robbing Juventus of Ronaldo. Ronaldo and Manchester United’s manager, Solskjar, both want the same thing.

According to Fabrizio, CR7 told agent Jorge Mendes if he wanted to return to Manchester United as soon as possible. The plan predicts that Manchester United will sign Ronaldo for two years until 2023.

The Manchester Evening News website reported that Ronaldo’s transfer to Manchester United was the intervention of former coach Sir Alex Ferguson.

According to the news portal,  Manchester United offered to sign Cristiano Ronaldo this morning after discussing with Sir Alex Ferguson that he wanted to return to MU.

What’s more, Manchester Evening News also revealed whether the owner of the Glazer family, United, is ready to kidnap Ronaldo’s long move to Manchester City.

In addition, the club has terminated its interest in the deal with Ronaldo. Ferguson reportedly contacted Ronaldo on Friday morning  Ronaldo appeared confident in moving to the city.

Apparently, Ferguson’s efforts were not in vain. Ronaldo, Manchester United and Juventus have agreed to take over the transfer market this season.

cr back to mu

According to Manchester United’s official website, Red Devils is pleased to confirm that it has reached an agreement with Juventus on the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo. Currently, Solskjaer’s team is immediately considered contracts for CR7 individuals, visas, and medical conditions. This agreement was certainly welcomed by fans and club legends.

According to the club’s record, Ronaldo  scored 118 goals and 54 assists in 292 games when he first came to Manchester United Sir Alex Ferguson in 2003.

In addition, Ronaldo  has other toxic records. That means the two Premier League players of the year, the Ballon d’Or, the Puskás award, and a few other awards.

Cristiano Ronaldo is reportedly acquired by Manchester United for around € 23 million. In addition,  the Portuguese are said to have agreed to a two-year contract offered by Manchester United. The price is quite fantastic for a Ronaldo, isn’t it? Of course, not everyone can have that kind of money. But you can easily get it if you play online gambling, you can even earn a lot of money in a short time.

Official Goal According to the Twitter account, Manchester United will initially pay Cristiano Ronaldo € 15 million and an additional €8 million.

With this news, the Premier League has reheated and  attracted the attention of many stakeholders. Even the tweet that announced the official Manchester United account received 1.2 million likes in just one hour.

Messi and Ronaldo is Rumored To Be Leaving

The latest news on the transfer market on Tuesday, 18 May 2021, featuring news about Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Both are rumored to have the opportunity to leave their respective clubs.

Messi News

Manchester City has a chance to land Lionel Messi. The condition is that they must be willing to offer a salary of 500 thousand pounds per week, after taxes.

British media reported, The Sun, said that Man City had received input about the opportunity to recruit the Argentine. Messiah is said to be interested in a one-year contract, including an option to extend for another year.

Messi-Barcelona contract will expire at the end of this season. He hasn’t announced his next steps yet. Barcelona are said to be trying to renew his contract, but due to financial difficulties, Barcelona can only offer a lower salary than before.

Other news also mentions that the La Liga club is ready to release Messi if they are able to bring in Erling Haaland from Dortmund. The burden of wages for both will be too heavy for Barca to bear.

According to The Sun, this condition makes Messi the opportunity to move to City. If The Citizens are willing to give the salary as mentioned above, it will place Messi as the most expensive player in the English League.

Manchester City are one of only two clubs, along with Paris Saint-Germain, who are judged to have the financial strength to sign Messi. However, Messi’s relationship with Pep Guardiola makes Manchester City have a bigger chance.

Ronaldo News

Cristiano Ronaldo’s future at Juventus is increasingly shrouded in question marks. The Portuguese player is believed to be leaving soon.

The latest news about Ronaldo’s possible departure from Juventus was reported by The Sun, citing Italian media Per Semper Calcio. They found signs that the holder of five Ballon d’Or titles gave a strong signal that he would leave the Old Lady.

The report states that Ronaldo is known to have started sending a number of his favorite car collection. The cars are loaded into the containers from the player’s residence in Turin.

There is a video alert that describes the incident when seven of Ronaldo’s car collections were carried in containers. It is not clear where the cars will be taken, for sure Ronaldo uses the Rodo Cargo expedition service from Lisbon, Portugal.

This reinforces rumors that he will return to play with Sporting Lisbon, the club he played for earlier in his career before leaving for Manchester United. Previously, the issue was raised by his mother, Dolores Aveiro.

Last week, Sporting Lisbon guest Dolores hosted an event celebrating the club’s victory in  the Portuguese League. He spoke at the event and promised to persuade Ronaldo to return to Sporting.

Cristiano Ronaldo has only a one-year contract with Juventus. Juventus needs to sell him immediately or renew his contract so that he won’t lose his 36-year-old player for free at the end of next season.

His chances of extending the contract are said to be small. Juve’s mission to make him a weapon to win the Champions League trophy was not accomplished. This season, Juventus even failed to defend the Italian League title.

Here are 4 Cristiano Ronaldo Houses at Fantastic Prices!

Who does not know the Portuguese footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo? As the best player in the world with five Ballon d`Or awards, this one footballer is very famous and has the wealth of a world football star.

Not only because of the goals he scored, but also because of his social nature which often helps people in need. As a great footballer, Cristiano as he is familiarly called, certainly has a big salary. In fact, the chunky man now receives an annual salary of € 30 million in Juventus.

With a salary of that size, Ronaldo is free to buy whatever he wants, even luxury cars parked in his garage. Talking about houses, Ronaldo has several luxury homes in several countries, knowing this one man had defended several well-known clubs in Europe, such as Sporting Lisbon, Manchester United, Real Madrid, and now at Juventus.

These houses are offered at such great prices, you might even be called insane! Want to know what Cristiano Ronaldo’s house looks like? Check out the following reviews down below.

House in Portugal

Born in Portugal, Ronaldo certainly has a home in his hometown. This handsome-looking footballer has a luxurious residence with a price of around IDR 65 billion in the Greges area, Portugal.

Not only that, Ronaldo also has another house in Portugal that is no less magnificent, which is located in the Quinta da Beloura Sintra area, Portugal. This one is ronaldo favorite houses.

UK house

Famous for its magnificent empire, of course houses in England have a ‘wow’ price. Ronaldo has a luxury residence located in the land of the Kingdom of Queen Elizabeth, understandably because he had grazed with Manchester United for six years.

Cristiano’s house is located in an elite location with a price of around £3.85 million when he first bought it. The house is equipped with several facilities, such as a swimming pool, a gym, with a multimedia room. Not only that, the house is also very spacious with five bedrooms equipped with expensive ceramic ornaments and first-class furniture.

Houses in Spain

Playing at the best club in the world, Real Madrid, of course Cristiano must have a luxurious place to live. Not without reason, Cristiano’s house in Spain cost 48 million pounds Located in Somosaguas, the home of the best footballer in the world have a wide range of first-class facilities.

Home in Italy

Although just grazing in the Land of Pizza, in fact Ronaldo already has a luxurious place to live. Ronaldo lives in a villa in the Turin City area with prices reaching 672 million in a day.

Although it is quite expensive, but the price is very worth it because it is on a hill that offers beautiful views. In addition, the villa is two buildings combined into one.

4 Cristiano Ronaldo’s Hotel Pestana CR7, Newest Will Take Place in New York

Cristiano Ronaldo is increasingly developing his business by collaborating with a company engaged in tourism called the Pestana Hotel Group. This Portuguese footballer has built four hotels named Pestana CR7 in New York, Madrid, Madeira and Lisbon.

Not only that, Ronaldo will also consider opening a hotel in the city of Manchester, England. Curious about what kind of hotel? Let’s take a peek at Cristiano Ronaldo’s hotel!.

Pestana CR7 Funchal


Pestana CR7 Funchal is the first hotel to be built in Madeira, Portugal, the birthplace of Cristiano Ronaldo. This hotel has five types of rooms, which are priced from IDR 3 million to IDR 9.5 million per night. This hotel is decorated with various photos, posters, caricatures, to accessories with the characteristics of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Customers who have Pestana Guest Club members will get a discount of 10 percent. Various facilities and services are also offered, ranging from swimming pools, minimalist style rooftops, bars, various game consoles, fitness centers, to sports equipment rentals. Due to the location close to the beach, guests can do water sports activities and rent a yacht.

CR7 Lisbon party

Pestana CR7 Lisboa is located in the city of Lisbon, Portugal. This hotel is the second hotel built in Portugal’s largest city. Lisbon is a city that is part of Ronaldo’s history of his football careers.

Visitors will find everything related to Cristiano Ronaldo, from the lobby to the bedrooms. This hotel provides 82 rooms with five different types, which are equipped with Wi-Fi, Apple TV, Bluetooth audio, LED lights in the bathroom and others. There is also a Playstation 4, and special Virtual Reality glasses in the CR7 Suite room.

Reporting from Marca, the Pestana CR7 hotel in Lisbon and Madeira is rumored to be a hospital, to treat patients who have contracted the Covid-19 virus. However, this was denied by hotel staff in Portugal. The hotel staff confirmed that Ronaldo’s hotel was still running as a hotel, not as a hospital.

Pestana CR7 Gran Via Madrid

Pestana CR7 Gran Via Madrid is Cristiano Ronaldo’s third hotel, which is located in the City of Madrid, Portugal. This hotel is designed for those who want to enjoy the city atmosphere. This hotel is suitable for those who want to escape the crowds and can relax during their stay at the hotel.

For hotel guests who have Pestana Guest Club members, they will get a 10 percent discount. Just like any other hotel, the Pestana CR7 Gran Via Madrid hotel is designed with Cristiano Ronaldo in mind.

CR7 Times Square party

Pestana CR7 Times Square is located in downtown New York and offers a 24-hour front desk. Visitors who have Pestana Guest Club members can get a 10 percent discount.

The hotel’s location is also close to places of interest, such as Madison Square Garden, Times Square, and Macy’s. The nearest airport to the hotel is Teterboro Airport, 13 km from Pestana CR7 Times Square.

Planning to open a hotel in Manchester

Hotel Pestana CR7 has been present in several major cities of the world, but he plans to open a new branch in the city of Manchester. According to the Manchester Evening News, Cristiano Ronaldo will open a hotel near Piccadilly Gardens in 2023.

The plan, the hotel will consist of 11 floors by providing 151 rooms and various luxury facilities.

Those are the four hotels owned by Cristiano Ronaldo. Apart from earning income as a footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo is also in the business world.

Ronaldo’s Fitness Secret Revealed, Eating & Sleeping Patterns Are Unbelievable!

Cristiano Ronaldo has the secret behind keeping physically fit, which turns out to be  eating and sleeping patterns beyond reason.Cristiano Ronaldo is a football superstar who has been at the top of Europe’s top competition for more than 15 years competing alongside Lionel Messi.

Slightly different from Lionel Messi who is known for his talent, Cristiano Ronaldo is more famous for his incredible physical fitness.At the age of 35, the father of four is known to still have a fit and muscular physique behind the uniform he wears.

Recently, the official ESPN Twitter account revealed that the former Real Mardrid bomber has a unique life pattern that he lives every day.

Uniquely, Ronaldo’s healthy lifestyle can be said to be beyond reason because it is unusual. How come? The Juventus superstar is known to have a routine of eating up to six times and sleeping up to five times in one day.

Regarding diet, Cristiano Ronaldo has a large portion of food and with such a good physique, of course, he must balance it with rigorous exercise as well. Although the food portions are large, the food menu of the former Manchester United star is fairly healthy and low in calories.

Ronaldo is used to having breakfast with a daily menu of ham and cheese along with added yogurt, before lunch he usually will snack on avocado toast.

CR7 usually eats lunch twice, in the first he usually eats chicken and salad while for the second he usually eats tuna with salad, eggs, and olive oil.

The Portugal national team captain’s dinner menu also consists of two servings. From the two servings, he will enjoy the same menu, namely a choice of meat or fish (which is his favorite) such as swordfish, tuna, boiled cod. In addition, Ronaldo’s sleep pattern is far more out of the ordinary than other ordinary people with a habit of five times a day.

Actually, it’s similar to what most people do because Cristiano Ronaldo only divides his sleeping hours. If people usually sleep 8 hours a day at night, CR7 divides it into five times with 90 minutes in each session to total about 7 and a half hours.

This was actually done by Ronaldo because of his consultation with a sleep expert, Nick Littlehales, who is said to be able to restore a better body fit condition.

“It’s a way to increase your body’s recovery from getting the right amount of sleep so you can replenish your body’s energy,” says Littlehales.

However, Ronaldo is believed to have used this method only as an extra night’s sleep, which means he sleeps longer than the average person.

It seems that Cristiano Ronaldo is very serious about his diet and recovery routine in order to stay in top shape for as long as possible.

Although Ronaldo of course, occasionally enjoys a glass of wine or eats cake and chocolate as a tribute to himself for his healthy lifestyle.

8 Cristiano Ronaldo Quirky Hairstyles

ronaldo hairstyle

Juventus striker Cristiano Ronaldo recently appeared in a braid hairstyle. This is not the first time Ronaldo has appeared with a different hairstyle.

Ronaldo appeared in a braid hairstyle back to training with The Old Lady after undergoing an independent quarantine. Later it was discovered that the hairstyle was formed by his girlfriend Georginia Rodrigue,

As a professional footballer and public figure, hair style is no less important to support the appearance of Portuguese men.

Before braiding, CR7 has several times changed the hairstyle model. What does it look like? The following review quoted The Sun:

1. Curly

Ronaldo’s real hair was curly when he was a child. This is known from several photographs of his past that are spread on social media.

ronlado 3

The former Real Madrid and Manchester United (MU) player is not yet familiar with stylish pomades and pieces. Occasionally he only cuts the curly hair into short.

2. Blonde

Ronaldo’s curly hair was dyed blonde when he first set foot at Old Trafford in 2003. The hairstyle was exhibited during the inaugural photo session with the Red Devils. However, at that time Ronaldo only painted the edges and front of his hair.

3. Crested

Ronaldo started a little stylish at Euro 2004 in Portugal. He cut the side of his hair. Then the front is made with a blonde tuft. Many consider this the first trendy haircut Ronaldo.

4. Mullet

Ronaldo has performed in a mullet hairstyle in the 2006/2007 season. This is the most haunted haircut ever present on the CR7’s head. But he did not wear this hair style for long.

5. Toilet Brush

Ronaldo moved to Madrid in 2009 and broke the record for the most expensive player transfer at the time. The athlete, now 35 years old, realized he was playing in a great club in the world.

For this reason, CR7 wants to be different. He changed his appearance with a crew cut hairstyle. Then the middle section is cut short so that it is like a toilet brush.

6. World Cup Hair

At the 2014 and 2018 World Cups, Ronaldo had a hair style that was almost similar. He shaved the side hair neatly. He also gives a little touch of the line at the top right.

The difference is, in the 2018 World Cup, his middle hair was shaved short. Whereas in 2014 it was left thick and dangling.

7. Back curly

In 2018, Ronaldo returned to his initial curly hair and partly dyed blonde like when he arrived at MU.

ronaldo hair 2

But this time the side haircut is neater and makes it look elegant. This hair that accompanied him won the 13th Champions League trophy for Madrid.

8. Shrinking

At the beginning joined Juventus in 2018. Ronaldo has changed his hairstyle four times. The first time to set foot in Turin, CR7 appeared greasy.

Then he experimented with using headbands, then ponytail and now ponytail plus braids.

These are 5 sources of income of Cristiano Ronaldo


The Ballon d’Or trophy may not be won by Cristiano Ronaldo this year. The award was obtained by a heavy rival on green grass, Lionel Messi.

But the failure is unlikely to be lamented by the Juventus star. Now he can smile again because in the Forbes 2019 version of the world’s richest athlete, his name is in second place after Floyd Mayeweather Jr.

The total wealth of Ronaldo is estimated at USD 800 million. Ronaldo’s wealth is more than USD 50 million than its rival Lionel Messi. The Barcelona star is in the third position of the world’s richest athlete with a fortune of USD 750 million. If only juxtaposing Ronaldo and Messi, then Ronaldo is the Richest Footballer in the universe today.

Certainly not just Ronaldo incarnated as the Richest Footballer. There were sweat drops, even blood in his struggle from zero to the present.

Some facts about Ronaldo’s wealth below are interesting to note:

1. Social media influencers

On Instagram, with a total of 194 million Ronaldo followers getting a lot of sponsored content. Not to mention from Facebook with 122 million followers and Twitter with 817 million followers

2. Revenue as an ad star

Total income as endorsements reached USD 44 million or more than IDR 614 billion. Its products range from sports apparel, telecommunications, oil, aviation, pharmaceuticals, games and websites

3. Cooperation with Nike

Ronaldo ties up with the famous Nike brand. The value of the agreement continues to increase from time to time. Even in 2016, Nike established lifelong cooperation with this Portuguese star with a value of up to USD 1 billion.

Ronaldo is the third athlete to receive a lifetime contract from Nike. Previously there were names for basketball players LeBron James and Michael Jordan.

4. Business

cristiano role model

Using its CR7 brand, Ronaldo also started earning revenue from businesses. Ronaldo’s business starts from clothing, perfume, property and hotels to underwear.

5. Salary as a player

Ronaldo also earns his income from his salary as a footballer. Despite reducing the value of the contract when brought to Juventus, he is still the highest paid player in the world. Ronaldo’s total salary reaches USD 109 million.

Cristiano Ronaldo Invites Lionel Messi to Have Dinner Together

Cristiano Ronaldo has been leaving Real Madrid for a year and the tight competition for the La Liga title. The Portuguese striker missed the competition with Barcelona star Lionel Messi.

It is undeniable, the presence of two figures who often dominate the Ballon d’Or title creates a unique La Liga to watch. Football lovers all over the world also often compare who is the best one of the two.

It is difficult to say that if you match the two incisions at club level because both Ronaldo and Messi have already presented many trophies for Real Madrid and Barcelona. Both of them even together collect five Ballon d’Or trophies.

Unfortunately, the debate must end in 2018 yesterday. As you know, Ronaldo concluded leaving for Juventus after being redeemed with an endowment of 100 million euros.

Scroll down to see more information.

Want to have dinner with Messi

After all this time, Ronaldo’s end was reunited with Messi in the drawing stage of the Champions League group phase. When visited by Sky Sports, the 33-year-old man could not hide his longing feelings for Messi.

Ronaldo aspires to have dinner at the table with Messi. “As you know, we have a good relationship, we have never had dinner together but hope it can happen in the future.” Fans are dreaming to have these two greatest footballer of all time can be played in one team. Is it possible? who knows, or maybe they can play poker nights later on and get many wins and have fun and bonding their relationship.

“I dreamed of matches in Spain against him and battles in the last 15 years. It was a neat part of football history, I developed thanks to him, and he thanked me,” he continued.

Optimistic Welcoming the Champions League

Now, Ronaldo is on a mission to send Juventus to win the Champions League trophy for the first time since 1996. This season, the Bianconeri joined Group D with Atletico Madrid, Bayer Leverkusen, and Lokomotiv Moscow.

Ronaldo feels that the drawings are good for Juventus. But that does not mean he can be lazy, because his opponents are ready to surprise Juventus. One of them can come from the Spanish giant, Atletico.

“That is a good drawing result, like normal weight. I am sure that for my team, I can not wait to start playing. The start of the season is not infrequently difficult. We have a system, a coach and new players,” he added.

“We are in a good position, and we won the first game. The Champions League is not easy, and there are not a few great teams like Liverpool, Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Atletico, Manchester City.

Cristiano Ronaldo Collaborates with e-Commerce, Showing Jersey Number 7 and Shaking Shopee

Football star Cristiano Ronaldo is charged to strengthen Shopee e-commerce. Does not make playing around the skin on the field, but a brand ambassador.

Ronaldo, who is now under the auspices of giants Juventus in Italy, will work with Shopee in presenting many initiatives, opened with a campaign to make an annual purchase of goods from Shopee, 9.9 Super Shopping Day.

“We are pleased to share our collaboration with Cristiano Ronaldo, among the best athletes of all time,” Chris Feng, Shopee’s Chief Executive Officer, said in his press release.

“Cristiano Ronaldo is a figure that inspires not a few people and his dedication to the world of football is in line with our commitment to Shopee users, and we aspire to continue to create positive effects on all countries where we operate,” he said.

Ronaldo himself expressed his pride being Shopee’s brand ambassador. Showing off his “new” jersey number 7, the Portuguese footballer feels he has a similar ambition to Shopee to be the best in their respective fields. Ronaldo can be the greatest footballer in this era who competes very tight with Lionel Messi, but Ronaldo has won European Cup, now only World Cup trophy is remaining. In the gambling business, especially in daftar agen bola terpercaya di Indonesia, each time when Ronaldo’s team playing, it will affect the odds greatly.

“I always add my game to the team and to all fans, like Shoppe, who is constantly innovating to provide better benefits to users. I am very happy with this collaboration, and I aspire to make more special moments with all fans with Shopee,” said Ronaldo.

This form of cooperation while creating Cristiano Ronaldo will play TVC Shopee, which premiered on August 16 simultaneously in the seven countries where the e-commerce operates. There will also be special Ronaldo content on Shopee Live.

At Shopee Liver, it turns out that the figure of Cristiano Ronaldo is working on the Shake Shopee action and not least attracts attention and is widely discussed. Here’s the story behind the scenes until finally, the CR swayed.

Shopee recently notified the world’s top footballer as her new brand ambassador. One manifestation of the collaboration is the appearance of Ronaldo in the e-commerce ad.

Which then became so lively to be discussed was the figure of Ronaldo, who was shamelessly shaking hilariously following the Shopee theme song, which was adapted from the Baby Shark music. Some judge it, and some are amazed because it successfully shows Ronaldo that is “different.”

Well, at the Shopee 9.9 press conference, Shopee Country Brand Manager Rezki Yanuar also told stories behind the scenes when working on approaches to Ronaldo, including when offering the Shake Shopee concept.

According to him, obstacles were faced at the beginning because it was not easy to contact Ronaldo. But when it comes to communicating, the Portuguese footballer has no objection to the concept of the ad.

“Precisely the days we created this ad, you chat directly with his team, and he is okay to do it. Same with Ronaldo and he’s okay to do it. Interestingly, of course, some like it or not, it’s subjective,” he explained.

After all, the ad itself, he added, was a positive dominant for Shopee’s prestige. “It’s just that, of course, this Ronaldo advertisement seems to have created Shopee to be the most worldwide now, hopefully in the future, there will be more and better expectations.”

Before this, Shopee had brought another ambassador brand, the South Korean girl band Blackpink, to Indonesia. Well, how about Ronaldo? Not closed could be Ronaldo will be imported, even though it is not easy. “Because the soccer player plays the season, so it’s rather difficult,” said Rezki.