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8 Cristiano Ronaldo Quirky Hairstyles

Juventus striker Cristiano Ronaldo recently appeared in a braid hairstyle. This is not the first time Ronaldo has appeared with a different hairstyle. Ronaldo appeared...

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ronaldo hairstyle

8 Cristiano Ronaldo Quirky Hairstyles

Juventus striker Cristiano Ronaldo recently appeared in a braid hairstyle. This is not the first time Ronaldo has appeared with a different hairstyle. Ronaldo appeared...

These are 5 sources of income of Cristiano Ronaldo

The Ballon d'Or trophy may not be won by Cristiano Ronaldo this year. The award was obtained by a heavy rival on green grass,...

Cristiano Ronaldo Invites Lionel Messi to Have Dinner Together

Cristiano Ronaldo has been leaving Real Madrid for a year and the tight competition for the La Liga title. The Portuguese striker missed the...

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8 Cristiano Ronaldo Quirky Hairstyles

Juventus striker Cristiano Ronaldo recently appeared in a braid hairstyle. This is not the first time Ronaldo has appeared with a different hairstyle. Ronaldo appeared...

These are 5 sources of income of Cristiano Ronaldo

The Ballon d'Or trophy may not be won by Cristiano Ronaldo this year. The award was obtained by a heavy rival on green grass,...

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8 Cristiano Ronaldo Quirky Hairstyles

ronaldo hairstyle
Juventus striker Cristiano Ronaldo recently appeared in a braid hairstyle. This is not the first time Ronaldo has appeared with a different hairstyle. Ronaldo appeared in a braid hairstyle back to training with The Old Lady after undergoing an independent quarantine. Later it was discovered that the hairstyle was formed by his girlfriend Georginia Rodrigue, As a professional footballer and public figure, hair style is no less important to support the appearance of Portuguese men. Before braiding, CR7 has several times changed the hairstyle model. What does it look like? The following review quoted The Sun:

1. Curly

Ronaldo’s real hair was curly when he was a child. This is known from several photographs of his past that are spread on social media. ronlado 3 The former Real Madrid and Manchester United (MU) player is not yet familiar with stylish pomades and pieces. Occasionally he only cuts the curly hair into short.

2. Blonde

Ronaldo’s curly hair was dyed blonde when he first set foot at Old Trafford in 2003. The hairstyle was exhibited during the inaugural photo session with the Red Devils. However, at that time Ronaldo only painted the edges and front of his hair.

3. Crested

Ronaldo started a little stylish at Euro 2004 in Portugal. He cut the side of his hair. Then the front is made with a blonde tuft. Many consider this the first trendy haircut Ronaldo.

4. Mullet

Ronaldo has performed in a mullet hairstyle in the 2006/2007 season. This is the most haunted haircut ever present on the CR7’s head. But he did not wear this hair style for long.

5. Toilet Brush

Ronaldo moved to Madrid in 2009 and broke the record for the most expensive player transfer at the time. The athlete, now 35 years old, realized he was playing in a great club in the world. For this reason, CR7 wants to be different. He changed his appearance with a crew cut hairstyle. Then the middle section is cut short so that it is like a toilet brush.

6. World Cup Hair

At the 2014 and 2018 World Cups, Ronaldo had a hair style that was almost similar. He shaved the side hair neatly. He also gives a little touch of the line at the top right. The difference is, in the 2018 World Cup, his middle hair was shaved short. Whereas in 2014 it was left thick and dangling.

7. Back curly

In 2018, Ronaldo returned to his initial curly hair and partly dyed blonde like when he arrived at MU. ronaldo hair 2 But this time the side haircut is neater and makes it look elegant. This hair that accompanied him won the 13th Champions League trophy for Madrid.

8. Shrinking

At the beginning joined Juventus in 2018. Ronaldo has changed his hairstyle four times. The first time to set foot in Turin, CR7 appeared greasy. Then he experimented with using headbands, then ponytail and now ponytail plus braids.

These are 5 sources of income of Cristiano Ronaldo

The Ballon d’Or trophy may not be won by Cristiano Ronaldo this year. The award was obtained by a heavy rival on green grass, Lionel Messi. But the failure is unlikely to be lamented by the Juventus star. Now he can smile again because in the Forbes 2019 version of the world’s richest athlete, his name is in second place after Floyd Mayeweather Jr. The total wealth of Ronaldo is estimated at USD 800 million. Ronaldo’s wealth is more than USD 50 million than its rival Lionel Messi. The Barcelona star is in the third position of the world’s richest athlete with a fortune of USD 750 million. If only juxtaposing Ronaldo and Messi, then Ronaldo is the Richest Footballer in the universe today. Certainly not just Ronaldo incarnated as the Richest Footballer. There were sweat drops, even blood in his struggle from zero to the present. Some facts about Ronaldo’s wealth below are interesting to note:

1. Social media influencers

On Instagram, with a total of 194 million Ronaldo followers getting a lot of sponsored content. Not to mention from Facebook with 122 million followers and Twitter with 817 million followers

2. Revenue as an ad star

Total income as endorsements reached USD 44 million or more than IDR 614 billion. Its products range from sports apparel, telecommunications, oil, aviation, pharmaceuticals, games and websites

3. Cooperation with Nike

Ronaldo ties up with the famous Nike brand. The value of the agreement continues to increase from time to time. Even in 2016, Nike established lifelong cooperation with this Portuguese star with a value of up to USD 1 billion. Ronaldo is the third athlete to receive a lifetime contract from Nike. Previously there were names for basketball players LeBron James and Michael Jordan.

4. Business

cristiano role model Using its CR7 brand, Ronaldo also started earning revenue from businesses. Ronaldo’s business starts from clothing, perfume, property and hotels to underwear.

5. Salary as a player

Ronaldo also earns his income from his salary as a footballer. Despite reducing the value of the contract when brought to Juventus, he is still the highest paid player in the world. Ronaldo’s total salary reaches USD 109 million.

Cristiano Ronaldo Invites Lionel Messi to Have Dinner Together

Cristiano Ronaldo has been leaving Real Madrid for a year and the tight competition for the La Liga title. The Portuguese striker missed the competition with Barcelona star Lionel Messi. It is undeniable, the presence of two figures who often dominate the Ballon d’Or title creates a unique La Liga to watch. Football lovers all over the world also often compare who is the best one of the two. It is difficult to say that if you match the two incisions at club level because both Ronaldo and Messi have already presented many trophies for Real Madrid and Barcelona. Both of them even together collect five Ballon d’Or trophies. Unfortunately, the debate must end in 2018 yesterday. As you know, Ronaldo concluded leaving for Juventus after being redeemed with an endowment of 100 million euros. Scroll down to see more information.

Want to have dinner with Messi

After all this time, Ronaldo’s end was reunited with Messi in the drawing stage of the Champions League group phase. When visited by Sky Sports, the 33-year-old man could not hide his longing feelings for Messi. Ronaldo aspires to have dinner at the table with Messi. “As you know, we have a good relationship, we have never had dinner together but hope it can happen in the future.” Fans are dreaming to have these two greatest footballer of all time can be played in one team. Is it possible? who knows, or maybe they can play poker nights later on and get many wins and have fun and bonding their relationship. “I dreamed of matches in Spain against him and battles in the last 15 years. It was a neat part of football history, I developed thanks to him, and he thanked me,” he continued.

Optimistic Welcoming the Champions League

Now, Ronaldo is on a mission to send Juventus to win the Champions League trophy for the first time since 1996. This season, the Bianconeri joined Group D with Atletico Madrid, Bayer Leverkusen, and Lokomotiv Moscow. Ronaldo feels that the drawings are good for Juventus. But that does not mean he can be lazy, because his opponents are ready to surprise Juventus. One of them can come from the Spanish giant, Atletico. “That is a good drawing result, like normal weight. I am sure that for my team, I can not wait to start playing. The start of the season is not infrequently difficult. We have a system, a coach and new players,” he added. “We are in a good position, and we won the first game. The Champions League is not easy, and there are not a few great teams like Liverpool, Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Atletico, Manchester City.

Cristiano Ronaldo Collaborates with e-Commerce, Showing Jersey Number 7 and Shaking Shopee

Football star Cristiano Ronaldo is charged to strengthen Shopee e-commerce. Does not make playing around the skin on the field, but a brand ambassador. Ronaldo, who is now under the auspices of giants Juventus in Italy, will work with Shopee in presenting many initiatives, opened with a campaign to make an annual purchase of goods from Shopee, 9.9 Super Shopping Day. “We are pleased to share our collaboration with Cristiano Ronaldo, among the best athletes of all time,” Chris Feng, Shopee’s Chief Executive Officer, said in his press release. “Cristiano Ronaldo is a figure that inspires not a few people and his dedication to the world of football is in line with our commitment to Shopee users, and we aspire to continue to create positive effects on all countries where we operate,” he said. Ronaldo himself expressed his pride being Shopee’s brand ambassador. Showing off his “new” jersey number 7, the Portuguese footballer feels he has a similar ambition to Shopee to be the best in their respective fields. Ronaldo can be the greatest footballer in this era who competes very tight with Lionel Messi, but Ronaldo has won European Cup, now only World Cup trophy is remaining. In the gambling business, especially in daftar agen bola terpercaya di Indonesia, each time when Ronaldo’s team playing, it will affect the odds greatly. “I always add my game to the team and to all fans, like Shoppe, who is constantly innovating to provide better benefits to users. I am very happy with this collaboration, and I aspire to make more special moments with all fans with Shopee,” said Ronaldo. This form of cooperation while creating Cristiano Ronaldo will play TVC Shopee, which premiered on August 16 simultaneously in the seven countries where the e-commerce operates. There will also be special Ronaldo content on Shopee Live. At Shopee Liver, it turns out that the figure of Cristiano Ronaldo is working on the Shake Shopee action and not least attracts attention and is widely discussed. Here’s the story behind the scenes until finally, the CR swayed. Shopee recently notified the world’s top footballer as her new brand ambassador. One manifestation of the collaboration is the appearance of Ronaldo in the e-commerce ad. Which then became so lively to be discussed was the figure of Ronaldo, who was shamelessly shaking hilariously following the Shopee theme song, which was adapted from the Baby Shark music. Some judge it, and some are amazed because it successfully shows Ronaldo that is “different.” Well, at the Shopee 9.9 press conference, Shopee Country Brand Manager Rezki Yanuar also told stories behind the scenes when working on approaches to Ronaldo, including when offering the Shake Shopee concept. According to him, obstacles were faced at the beginning because it was not easy to contact Ronaldo. But when it comes to communicating, the Portuguese footballer has no objection to the concept of the ad. “Precisely the days we created this ad, you chat directly with his team, and he is okay to do it. Same with Ronaldo and he’s okay to do it. Interestingly, of course, some like it or not, it’s subjective,” he explained. After all, the ad itself, he added, was a positive dominant for Shopee’s prestige. “It’s just that, of course, this Ronaldo advertisement seems to have created Shopee to be the most worldwide now, hopefully in the future, there will be more and better expectations.” Before this, Shopee had brought another ambassador brand, the South Korean girl band Blackpink, to Indonesia. Well, how about Ronaldo? Not closed could be Ronaldo will be imported, even though it is not easy. “Because the soccer player plays the season, so it’s rather difficult,” said Rezki.

Lionel Messi’s Ambition of The Shadows of Cristiano Ronaldo

The football lunge of the Barcelona superstar, Lionel Messi, turned into the spotlight. But, this time the progress of Messi is not in La Liga. This 32-year-old player, while trying with the Argentine national team in the 2019 Copa America. The appearance of Lionel Messi in the main soccer competition that was followed by CONMEBOL countries must have been the most anticipated. The greatness of Messi will certainly be a mainstay of his country’s hopes of being able to win the 2019 Copa America trophy. Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni corrected this situation. “I want to emphasize his enthusiasm (Messi) to play soccer. He was triggered to play soccer. He was triggered to win, “said the appointed coach replacing Jorge Sampaoli. Unfortunately, the initial step of the Tango team must have been stumbling. When facing Colombia in the Group B allowance at the Itaipava Arena Fonte Nova, Salvador, Sunday (06/16/2019) then, the Argentine national team was defeated by Colombia 0-2. This result is certainly beyond expectation and quite surprising. After waiting for almost 12 years, Colombia finally conquered Argentina. Although still too early, this defeat can be a burden for the five-time winner of the Ballon d’Or award. Bad shadows will haunt Messi each time he defends the national team. Many bookies predict Messi will never get nation trophy like World Cup or Europe, hence he won’t surpass C.Ronaldo in the trophy collection. However, Messi is still a legend and when his team plays, usually the betting odds in some online betting site will tend to Messi’s side. Lionel Messi has never once presented a trophy for his country at senior level. Four times he was able to take Argentina to the final with details three times in the 2007 Copa America, 2015, and 2016, and one at the 2014 World Cup. Argentina won the Copa America in 1993.

Ronaldo’s success

Interestingly, Messi’s appearance in the 2019 Copa America, was linked to the success of his main rival Cristiano Ronaldo in the UEFA Nations League event. This Juventus star managed to lead the Portuguese national team to the first edition of the competition trophy after surpassing the Netherlands 1-0 in the final. Previously, precisely in 2016, the 34-year-old star also took Portugal to become the Euro champion by surpassing France in the final match. For Selecao das Quinas, this has become the first title in history in a major competition. The public does not often compare the awesomeness of these two players. In fact, around this Messi and Ronaldo are still competing in the hunt for the best Ballon d’Or player award. The two players always race tight, and both have collected five awards.

Trophy Collection

The fact is that Ronaldo will be a scourge for Messi. Now, Ronaldo’s trophy collection is better compared to Messi in national teams. Compare with Messi. Until now he has not been able to win one, also a title of around 14 years of his work with the Argentine national team. Had time to enjoy the four matches of the prestigious tournament. Unfortunately, none of the four final matches were won by Messi. What about the opportunities at the 2019 Copa America. “I have to get up and try again. No matter how many times I fail. This is a message for children (the next generation), not only in football but also in life. I want to retire “After winning something with Argentina,” Messi said.

Cristiano Ronaldo Still Keeps Commitment at Juventus

Massimiliano Allegri said that if Cristiano Ronaldo still had to accept once again, Juventus could not win the Champions League in the 2018-19 season. Allegri believes if Ronaldo can deliver Juventus to achieve achievements in the future. “Cristiano Ronaldo is the future of Juventus. He has translated the most compelling performance in his first season in Italy. I am sure he will get better in the coming season, “Allegri said. “He was most disappointed with our failure in the Champions League. However, welcoming him to Juventus does not mean we can win the title.” “Barcelona just returned to the semifinals before four seasons. That is, Lionel Messi could not guarantee them to achieve in the Champions League.” “Football is not just about the actions of personal players. But as a collective game.” “We must eliminate us in the Champions League,” Allegri said. Juventus were eliminated from the Champions League after losing to Ajax. However, Ronaldo became a finalist. In its inaugural season in Italy, Cristiano Ronaldo must try to present the Scudetto for Juventus. At present, the Bianconeri need only one point to get the eighth Scudetto title in a row.

Cristiano Ronaldo Responds to Rumors Leave Juventus

News Cristiano Ronaldo left Juventus quickly in the Old Lady in the phase of the 2018-2019 Champions League quarter-finals. That’s the first time where Ronaldo has played in the Champions League semifinals since the 2010 edition. Disappointment that surpassed the rumor the superstar would move. He only joined Juventus this season from Real Madrid. Juventus passed the coach, Massimiliano Allegri, had given the rebuttal. Allegri said Ronaldo oversaw his commitment to stay at Juventus and returned to strive for achievement, especially in the Champions League, next season. Now, Cristiano Ronaldo himself is responding to this rumor. Based on information from the Tuttosport report, Ronaldo raised rumors and mentioned all mere rumors, aka false news. Italian local media wrote Ronaldo saying that “for me, there is only Juventus.” This statement made Ronaldo succeed in surviving. Moreover, he has a four-year contract with a nominal 110 million euros since the summer of last year. Even if, Juventus and Cristiano Ronaldo could separate, they could take a few clubs that could accommodate former Manchester United players who had added 34 years, explicitly scoring more than 110 million euros. This was understandable because Juventus certainly did not want to lose. Juventus will try again in the Champions League next season, but at least for the Old Lady, their star may be heading to the door published next summer.

Ronaldo and Players Who Win Leagues in Several Countries

Juventus finally emerged as Serie A champions in the 2018/19 season. Certainty was obtained after they beat Fiorentina 2-1 at Allianz Stadium on Saturday (04/20/2019). This is the eighth championship title in Serie A in a row. Since the 2011/12 season, the Old Lady has always been an unbeaten champion. The success of Juventus being the league champion was also inseparable from the contribution of Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese star has scored 19 goals in Serie A this season. Besides, Ronaldo also set a new record after sending Juventus to the championship. Based on YUKBOLA data, He became the first player who successfully won three of the world’s elite leagues. In addition to Ronaldo, it turns out that other players have successfully won the league in some different countries. They do have excellent skills to conquer as many leagues in Europe. Here are five players who have won the league in some countries that are the opposite as quoted by

Ruud van Nistelrooy (Dutch, English, and Spanish)

The Dutch striker has the most productive career in European football at club level. He has played in the Netherlands, England, Spain, and Germany. During his career, Van Nistelrooy won the Eredivisie with PSV Eindhoven, La Liga with Real Madrid and the Premier League with Manchester United. During the beginning of his career in the Netherlands, the striker won the Eredivisie title from 1999-00 and 2000-2001. He also won the 2002-2003 Premier League title with Manchester United. Van Nistelrooy then won two consecutive La Liga titles for Real Madrid between 2006 and 2008.

Michael Laudrup (Italy, Spain and the Netherlands)

The Danish Playmaker has the most successful career in all of Europe. He began his success while playing in Italy with Juventus and won Serie A in the 1985-86 season. Right in 1989, Johan Cruyff led Laudrup, and he managed to score a historic success of the world with the Catalan club. There he won approximately four La Liga titles in a row. Laudrup worked on a controversial transfer from Barcelona to Real Madrid and won La Liga in his year with Los Blancos. During his final years as a professional soccer player, Laudrup won the Eredivisie title. He when playing Ajax for use before retiring.

Arjen Robben (Dutch, English, Spanish, and German)

After working on his Eredivisie debut with Groningen, Arjen Robben’s career went smoothly. The Dutch legend always played in four clubs that were the opposite in all of his career. However, Robben succeeded in each country he visited. After winning PSV Eindhoven with the Eredivisie, then Robben moved to Chelsea. In succession, he won two Premier League titles. From 2007 to 2008, before moving to Bayern Munich, Arjen Robben won La Liga along with Los Blancos.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Netherlands, Italy, Spain, and France)

The Swedish striker is a player who is quite successful in European football. He has won a total of 13 trophies. Ibrahimovic began his success in the Netherlands. He won two Eredivisie titles with Ajax there. He moved to Juventus and won his two Serie A titles. However, the title was withdrawn after the Bianconeri fell into the scoring scandal in 2006. Ibrahimovic then decided to continue his career at Inter Milan. He won three consecutive trophies there. After from Inter, Ibrahimovic sought his luck in Spanish football. He won the 2009-2010 La Liga with Barcelona. After not succeeding enough at the Catalan club, Ibrahimovic moved to AC Milan. He won one Serie A title again. Ibrahimovic then moved to PSG and won four Ligue 1 titles before completing his impressive series.

Cristiano Ronaldo (England, Spain, and Italy)

Cristiano Ronaldo became the first player to win three of Europe’s top leagues. Namely the Premier League, La Liga, and Serie A. The Portuguese striker began his amazing adventure at Manchester United. He won three Premier League titles at Old Trafford. Ronaldo moved to Real Madrid in 2009. However, he only won two La Liga titles with Los Blancos for around nine years at the Santiago Bernabeu. And Ronaldo has just won the Serie A title with Juventus after beating Fiorentina 2-1. Ronaldo can win the Serie A title if he concludes staying at Juventus.

Reasons why Cristiano Ronaldo is the Greatest of All Time

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo is a Portuguese football player who captains the Portugal national team and has also been playing as a forward for the Italian club Juventus. He is considered as the world’s best football player and many people consider him as the greatest football player of all time. Time and again, he has proved that he is the world’s greatest football player and shows no sign of losing his position as a great player. Below are few reasons why Cristiano Ronaldo is the greatest of all time: Cristiano Ronaldo has dominated in 3 different European leagues Cristiano Ronaldo has already conquered both the Premier League as well as the La Liga. Moreover, he is also dominating the Serie A currently. You may mention Messi, Maradona or Pele as the rivals to Cristiano Ronaldo, however, one thing which separates him from these three is his excellent domineering persona. He has already conquered the two major leagues of Europe and is on the verge of conquering the third too. At the age of 34, Cristiano Ronaldo has achieved an enviable achievement which many people can just dream of, including Messi, Maradona and Pele. He has won several trophies, which includes the UEFA Champions League and Premier League with the Manchester United along with repeating the feat with the Real Madrid. ronaldo He is a boon for both the country as well as the club Cristiano Ronaldo has proven time and again that he is a boon for both the country as well as the club and is considered as a complete footballer. He is a great player who helps his team win numerous trophies. Not only is he an all time top scorer for Portugal, but he is also considered as the first captain ever who lead the nation to win a trophy, having helped Selecao to Euro 2016. So, basically, he has achieved tremendous success and is someone who remains at top positions for the country as well as the club. Ronaldo He made a much bigger impact on UEFA Champions League than the other football players In the UEFA Champions League, Cristiano Ronaldo has actually scored 121 goals. This is something extra ordinary for a football player. He is the highest scorer among all other football players who are currently playing in the entire world. He is considered as the archetypal goal machine which is epitomised by 586 goals that he has scored so far in his entire career. Among all his competitors, only Pele is the one who has scored more than him. However, Pele never played in UEFA Champions League, whereas Cristiano Ronaldo still reigns supreme. The UEFA Champions League has been rated as the most competitive and toughest inter club completion of the world. Therefore, it is very easy to understand why Cristiano Ronaldo is considered as the greatest football player of all time. Not only did he win the Champions League for five times, but he has dominated the competition completely. He has been crowned as the top scorer for the last four years consecutively. Longevity and sheer consistency Many football players have gone at the top position, however, they couldn’t remain at the top position for long. As far as Cristiano Ronaldo is concerned, he has been at the top position for a long time and shows no signs of coming down.

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